Credit Restart

Our Credit Restart Program gives good people who have hit credit "speed bumps" in their past a chance to start over. We have helped hundreds of people over the years reestablish their credit while helping them drive home in a dependable and safe vehicle that fits their needs.

Whether you have experienced slow/late pays, collections, bankruptcies, repossession, divorce or any combination of all of the above … the experts at Briarwood Ford can help! Unlike the "buy here, pay here" dealerships which can hold you credit hostage, our banks report to credit bureaus like Equifax and Transunion. This helps us restart your credit with the first vehicle you finance with us. Over time and with good payment history, we can continue to trade you up in vehicle while working with new lenders and increasing your credit score each time.

Simply complete the application below to Restart Your Credit and start enjoying the financial freedom that comes with a healthy credit report.

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