Vehicle Protection Program

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Lease Protection Package

Take the guess work out of the unknown. Provides tire and wheel coverage, including curb and cosmetic. Provides windshield replacement without a deductible. Provides paintless dent repair. Provides key and remote replacement if you lose or break your keys or remote.

Extended Service Protection

You can plan for scheduled maintenance. But what about repairs you don't expect? The Extended Service Plan (ESP) protects you from unexpected repairs. It also provides you with a vehicle to drive from day one. Ford Protect gives you a true worry-free driving experience.

GAP Coverage

If your Ford is stolen or declared a total loss, GAP Coverage gives you protection between your insurance payoff and loan balance (subject to program terms).

Tire and Wheel Protection

Safe guard your vehicle's tires and wheels against road hazards. If you get a blowout flat or a bent wheel from a road hazard (i.e. pot hole), they will replace your tire and wheel if they cannot repair it.

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